i'm running debian etch w/ exim4.

I've read more doc's, man's, faq's & posts, than I can stand to think
about; and I still can't get exim to forward email to my exchange

i don't even know how to ask the right question anymore.

I need to edit A (some) config file in order to customize a router
that will relay all email to exchange.

1) Which file / where, do I make these edits? (I'm using the non-
split configuration)

2) what does a simple "relay all email to exchange.domain.com" script
look like? (using smtp)

3) there is NO #3 - if I can get 1 & 2 answered, I can work everything
else I need out for myself.

So I thought that exim was supposed to be easier than sendmail !?!?
I've setup sendmail servers in under 4 hours - WITH custom code!!!
I've spent DAYS, and STILL can't get exim to do the most basic