Hi lists,

1- by default on our Debian system after a successful login through a
tty we are presented with the number of failures (unsuccesful logins)
that took place before using the same login name.For a non root user
this number is correct.

But what about the root user ? That number is "correct" unless no one
tried to do "su logins" (login using the command su).
Do you think that su-logins must be considered as "general logins" and
then the super user must know how many unsuccessful "su-logins" took
place ? And what about the date and time of the last root login ? :-)
Well, as a solution one could forbid the "su-login" but sometimes that
command can be useful.

2 - by default whenever I press CTRL-D to log out as a non root user the
screen is cleaned ... whenever I press CTRL-D to log out as a root user
the screen is not cleaned - and maybe a non root user can see what the
root did before ! Why did they choose this behavior ??

thank you for your attention, I appreciate suggestions and opinions



p.s. copy of this message has been sent also to debian-laptop list

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