A number of lower-priority security updates have been queuing up for
linux-2.6, so I'm planning to issue a new DSA this week
(2.6.18.dfsg.1-13etch5). This will mean that we need to do another
update of the p-u kernel to avoid introducing regressions in 4.0r2,
which will give us an opportunity to include the fix for #433187 (the
infamous sparc hang).

I am well aware that the arm port is still suffering from the
linux-latest-2.6 breakage from 4.0r1, and my intent is not to increase
the delay for that fix. If a 4.0r2 is expected to happen RSN, let me
know and I can hold off for a week or so.

No ABI change is planned, so a d-i respin shouldn't be necessary - but
I'll leave it up to the d-i team to make that call.

I should also point out that sarge has a number of issues piling up as
well, but it would save a lot of effort to do it after 3.1r6 *hint*

dann frazier

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