package: installation-guide

Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide
(etch, S/390 architecture, English)
Chapter 3, Before Installing Debian GNU/Linux
Section 3.3, Information You Will Need
Topic 3.3.1, Documentation
Subtopic S/390 Hardware References

First of all, reference is made to kernel 2.4 instead
of kernel 2.6.

"Installation instructions and device drivers (DASD,
XPRAM, Console, tape, z90 crypto, chandev, network)
for Linux on S/390 using kernel 2.4".

Since etch uses a 2.6.18 kernel, the above reference
to kernel 2.4 should be changed to a reference to
kernel 2.6.

Second, the first bullet point is entitled, "Device
Drivers and Installation Commands". The name of the
document has been changed. It is now called, "Device
Drivers, Features, and Commands". This name change
should be reflected in the bullet point.

Thirdly, this bullet point is also a hypertext link,
with an associated URL name of
This URL does not exist; and if one clicks on the
link one is redirected to, which
is a web page on the general topic of IBM open source
software, but is not the desired document. I have
been able to find the correct document at the
following URL:

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