In ( http://wiki.linux1394.org/JujuMigration ) .

the new FireWire kernel driver stack have multiple problems :
- Lacking userspace integration. See Librarie
- Lack of testing. Therefore compatibility issues with some controllers and external devices.
- Missing support of isochronous I/O over OHCI 1.0 cards. ( Especially cameras and audio devices are not usable
with the new drivers if you have such a chip )
- Stability issues of the storage device driver firewire-sbp2 on some hardware.
- Missing IP over 1394 support

- Regarding Linux 2.6.22 and 2.6.23, the best advice to Linux distributors (kernel packagers) as
well as to regular users is: Build only the old IEEE 1394 drivers.

Personnaly, i prefer that build both the new drivers and the old drivers , an use blackist to handle conflicts .

So each user can be FREE to use the best driver for him .

PLEASE , build BOTH , and each debian user can choose FREELY .
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