>>>>> Ivan Shmakov writes:
>>>>> David Weinehall writes:

>>> A helper script, `lintian-man', could be introduced to hide all the
>>> hackery, and to provide a way for the developer to reproduce the
>>> problem. Then, Tag: may be changed to, e. g.,
>>> `manpage-has-messages-from-lintian-man'. (Or should this script be
>>> called `man-lintian'?)

>> [snip]

>> Sounds like a great idea in general. But: correct manual pages is
>> not something that is specific to debian packages, so maybe manlint
>> would be a better idea, also having it as a part of the man-db
>> package instead might be an idea.

Since the tool should behave like *man* with *w*arnings
*e*nabled, I'd call it `manwe'...

I've just submitted a patch for Bug#451187.

> Well, one might then implement a generic method of passing Groff
> options via `man', thus obviating the need to override the
> `man.local' and `mdoc.local'. How about an environment variable

Done as well.

>> lintian already depends on man-db, so the dependencies wouldn't
>> change, and it would also mean that linda can use the same check
>> without code duplication.

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