I'm trying to increase the reliability of my Debian lenny system
(2.6.22-2-686) by introducing a RAID5 array. I'm also using a Logical Volume
to hold the filesystem to make future expansion easier.

My system is currently configured as follows:

sda: 320gig /boot, /, /mnt/video
sdd: 400gig swap, /mnt/audio
sdb: 500gig 400meg swap, 100meg RAID1 (future /boot), * RAID5
sdc: 500gig 400meg swap, 100meg RAID1 (future /boot), * RAID5
hda: 500gig 500meg swap, * RAID5
hdc: 120gig /mnt/backup

The 500g drives are currently set up with a RAID1 and a RAID5 array.

The RAID1 array will be used to hold the /boot partition. It's currently set
up an holds an ext3 filesystem.
The RAID5 array will be used to hold the / partition. The RAID5 contains a
logical volume with an XFS filesystem.

There are three tasks that I'm not sure about how to do...

1) Copy the / partition, keeping file attributes intact. How do I handle
/dev? /proc? /sys? etc...

2) Install grub to the MBR of sdb and configure it to use the new /boot
partition on the RAID1 array?

3) Compensate for the drive assignment changes that will occur once the
system has been transferred successfully and the 320gig and 400gig drive

I've found lots of vague How To's online, many of them several years old,
but nothing complete (at least as far as I can tell). Can someone point me
in the right direction.