We are interested in discussing and engaging agents who are high networth Companies or reputable high networth individuals who can help us receive our payments for deals closed by us in the United States and Europe. Your banker has to be American or European.

As our Payment Receiving Agents, your primary role in the business transaction is to receive our payments, either by bank check or TT and hold the funds in trust for us for use in making other purchases, payments or further investments in your general primary location.

Your commission for any payment received on our behalf is 10%. If you are not in the US or Europe and do not have a banker in any of the two locations, then you can recommend an agent or we look for an alternative for you to receive the funds. Your commission for this is 2.5%. Our payments are from contract ranging in terms from 6 months to 72 months, that means we receive monthly payments for every delivery effected. Your commission is therefore monthly, i.e. 10% monthly or in the case where you recommend to us, 2.5% monthly.

You will be given more information and upon your indication of interest. Our need for your co-operation is because of non favorable location, financial and economic structures and policies we are experiencing in our primary location.

Your good co-operation greatly expected.

Thanks for reading our request.

Chief Forex Administrator.

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