I've tried 2.6.22, and it behaves the same way as 2.6.21, ie /proc/cpuinfo
says number of cores is 1. Sorry for the delay, I had to wait for a long job
to complete.

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Subject: Re: Bug#441246: kernel: does not detect multiple cores in Core 2
Duo 6700

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> On Fri, 07 Sep 2007, Jon Thackray wrote:
>> Multiple cores are enabled in the bios, which is the standard for the
>> Intel D965SSCK motherboard on which the CPU is running. There is 4Gb
>> DDR2-800 memory, one 80Gb ATA disc, one 500Gb SATA disc and two 146Gb
>> SCSI discs, using an adaptec 29320 card. The distribution in use is
>> Lenny/Sid. /proc/cpuinfo indicates only one core, and evidence from
>> running multiple applications in parallel seems to confirm this.

> 2.6.22 from sid just installs fine on testing.
> can you reproduce the bug with it?
> --
> maks

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