Quoting Christian Perrier :

> Quoting nospam@wg3.net (nospam@wg3.net):
> > > Could you also check and send here the parameters used by grub to boot
> > > the system*?
> > >
> > >
> > > (you can see them at the boot menu by hitting 'e' on the default
> > > entry)

> >
> > I'm afraid I'm not using GRUB to boot the system. I'm using LILO.

> Hmmm, then you probably didn't run a default install, did you?
> Are you in a position to test the very same install with grub?
> In case you aren't, could you chez the lilo.conf file in the installed
> system (of course not being able to boot it will require tweaking such
> as booting from a Live CD such as Knoppix, or the Debian Installer CD
> in rescue mode).

I figured out what my problem is. I was setting up the /lib subdirectory as a
partition instead of leaving it to inhabit the root directory's partition.
Consequently, some badly-needed libraries weren't available when they were

Thank you all *VERY* much!

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