On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 18:12:21 -0500, Leonard
Chatagnier wrote:
> Florian Kulzer wrote:


> > >I did a full upgrade yesterday and did not notice

any problems except
> > >for a minor annoyance with the KDE wallet manager

(it has to be killed
> > >and restarted after you log in to work properly).

I recommend using
> > >apt-listbugs, but you have to keep in mind that

it often lists bugs
> > >which are fixed already ("") in the new

version that you are about
> > >to install.

> >
> >Ok. I'll do a full upgrade or should I do a


> You can start with a normal upgrade. This will

perform all upgrades
> which do not require additional installations or

package removals. Then
> you will see how many packages have been kept back.

For these you can do
> a dist-upgrade or you can install them one by one.

If you are in doubt
> you can use the "-s" option to see what will happen

without changing
> anything.

Ok. Already did the upgrade. Only removed 2 unused
libs and upgraded
everything that had been held back. Looks ok here.


> > >OK, I had a look there and I can't play the

videos either. It seems to
> > >be based on flash, so maybe you need the

flashplayer plugin version 8
> > >which is not yet available for Linux as far as I

know. If you want to
> > >test your flash plugin, go to www.youtube.com;

you should be able to
> > >play the videos on that site.

> >
> > I guess that means I've been beating my head

against the wall trying to
> > fix mplayer and the problem was flash player.

Strange though, the first
> > time I tried to run the vidoes a couple of months

back, the error was
> > this video requires "application/x-mplayer2" which

I added to kde file
> > associations and the message went away. That led

me to believe it was an
> > mplayer or mplayerplug-in issue. I visited the

youtube site and was able
> > to play all the vidoes I selected, some of which

were very interesting,
> > Ha.
> > Yahoo or the news sites must have changed there

video formats because I
> > know I was able to play all the news videos in the

past with
> > as the start up said so. Curious, how did you

determine that the videos
> > Yahoo
> > required flash player?

> I have a flash-blocking plugin installed because I

hate all the
> flickering flash advertisements. On every page with

embedded flash I
> just see a placeholder icon which I can click if I

want the flash
> animation to run. On the Yahoo page I had to

activate two different
> flash objects before I could even see the control

buttons. Another way
> to check is right-click, "View Page Info > Media"

which lists all
> images, embedded movies etc.

Did something to that effect(right clicked and tried
out all the commands)
Read the java script. Now, I don't read/understand any
script but it did
mention mplayer and flash player with the URI's
listed. With konqueror, I
selected to play it with
firefox and after a lot of trying to play it and
crashes and restarts, a popup
said that a micromedia flash player plugin was needed
to play the file and I
clicked to download it. Message appeared that it was
downloaded and
installed , but still wouldn't work. This was with
the new home(testkde).
The Yahoo player screen had Kaffeine plugin in it and
after a bit the
kaffiene plaer would popup and crash before playing
and would restart, crash,
etc. until I closed it. Backtrace couldn't run. There
have been times that I
could play the videos with firefox and Konqueror using
the kaffeine player in
my usual home but now they wont play with mozilla,
firefox or konqueror in
either user Home. I am wondering if 'file
associations' should be modified
to put kafeine first in the list for player types
associated with .wmv and
all other video types since that's the only player
that I've had any success
playing the videos currently anyways.

> One more thing: I do not know for sure if the Yahoo

pages need mplayer
> in addition to the flash plugin or not.

As I said, I don't know scripts but they were both
listed in the java script.
I know that my kde file association list doesn't have
any reference to the
macromedia flash plugin in any of the video types
listed, Perhaps, it needs
to be added along with mplayer and all the other
players listed???

> > Thanks again, for your help. I guess this is

solved except for the
> > application/octet stream message I keep getting.

> I think this can be fixed by removing the file



> (You can move it somewhere else so that you can

restore it if the
> situation is worse without the file.)

I catted the file in both user dir. The new testkde
home didn't have it.
And I had added 'application/x-mplayer2' and
application/octet stream manually
in my regular home dir because the yahoo media player
originally said it
needed it and later kde message saying it couldn't
find appplication octet
The octet stream one has no general or embedded
additions(don't know what to
put there) and the x-mplayer2 one has nsplugin player
listed first in embedded
along with embedded mplayer. kafeine and the
others(not flash player though).
I'm still wondering if we(I) should add a flash player
entry in General
and/or embedded for all the wm* type listings.
The catted output for my usual home dir is shown below
as it has a reference
to mplayer2 in it and I wonder how it got there and
what you make of it.

[Desktop Entry]

Thanks for staying with me on this. Hopefully we'll
get it fixed. BTW, I
emailed Yahoo support bitching at them for changing
there video formats and
not offering any support for Linux, Mac and only
support for M$Windoze. So
far have sent back 2 replys and there response has
been appologetic and they
tell me they are working diligently on the problem,
Ha, Ha. I really ate
them out good and it did give me a little

Leonard Chatagnier


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