2006. június 23. 19:17,
Leonard Chatagnier
-> debian-kde@lists.debian.org,:
>> Fathi WroteExcuse the man reply, not subscribed and forgot to request
>> copying my email.)
> >> a bit out of topic:
> >>
> >> x-mplayer2.desktop is shipped now with kdelibs to avoid media players
> >> conflict. Previously, it is shipped with both kaffeine and kmplayer,
> >> which are the recommended media players for kde.
> >>
> >> cheers,
> >>
> >> Fathi

>> Thanks for the reply. Not getting anything from the users list as they are
>> flaming over "how to reply to list"
>> OK, I have all three packages listed above installed under Sid. As a matter
>> of fact they have all been reinstalled with aptitude and everything
>> mentioned in my post are still with me. got any ideas how I might get
>> internet video files to play using Mozilla browser in kde. I have googled
>> quite a bit and find no solution that works for me. Any help of any kind is
>> most appreciated.

> If you want to play video files embedded into Firefox or Mozilla (or
> Netscape then you should try out the 'mplayerplug-in' [1] mozilla plugin.
> If you don't need the embedding, then after downloading (even a wmv or ra
> playlist file) you can play those with mplayer.

> Daniel

[1] - http://mplayerplug-in.sourceforge.net/


Thanks for the input. I have the deb package, mozilla-mplayer (3.25-7),
installed and just reinstalled along with kdelibs. It says that it
provides mplayerplug-in and it's an all deb package. Shouldn't that
suffice? I did visit the link and would have downloaded a binary if
there was one. It appeared that only source code was available and I
don't compile. Am I ok with just the mozilla-mplayer package?
Thanks for any feedback,

Leonard Chatgnier

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