Alle 09:42, venerdý 26 maggio 2006, Alejandro Exojo ha scritto:
> El Jueves, 25 de Mayo de 2006 17:23, Valerio Felici escribiˇ:
> > hi, there is a way to open some url (inside a message in kmail) with
> > firefox. i wish another option on rigth click menu, no a way to open
> > all url with firefox rather than with konqueror.

> Of course it is, I do it all the time. Just copy the URL to the
> clipboard, and klipper will allow you to open with Konqueror, with
> Mozilla (which is a symlink pointing to Firefox), or send the URL.
> If you want to open all URLs in FF, just change it in the control
> center (check the archives if you don't know how, it was answered many
> times in this list).

not enough confortable, but...better than nothing.


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