as you may have read, I uploaded[0] KDE to backports.org. It is version
3.5.0 with, of course, the security-fix for the recent javascript
problem in kdelibs.

The same packages are also available on Debian Unofficial[1] (together
with the ISO/jigdo images[2]), this is caused by the fact that
backports.org wants to have packages only from testing (so they
upgrade-path from stable+backports.org to testing is possible).

I will start working on 3.5.1 soon. While I'm doing this, the packages
will be available on Debian Unofficial (i386 only; hint: beta-testers
welcome . As soon as it is complete and the original debian packages
entered testing, I will upload it to backports.org. So it is kind of a
test-repository for the KDE backport.

Thanks for packaging KDE and have a nice weekend,

[0] http://blog.daniel-baumann.ch/2006/0...ackporting-kde
[1] http://ftp.debian-unofficial.org/debian-backports/
[2] http://ftp.debian-unofficial.org/deb...kports-cd/3.1/

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