Le Lun 13 Février 2006 19:47, Hendrik Sattler a écrit :
> Hi,
> can anyone else confirm this:
> * open kwalletmanager and look if the wallet is visible
> * close the window
> * run as root: /etc/init.d/dbus restart
> * open kwalletmanager and look if the wallet is visible
> Here, it is now gone and no app (e.g. kmail) can access it anymore
> :-(
> So: this breaks _any_(!) KDE session by just installing e.g.
> bluez-pin. GREAT! This is probably due to incorrectly depending on
> environment variables for a system service, wrong approach I'd say.
> But where shall I report this too? (What KDE application?)

dbus restart sometimes kills kded, and kded is one of the main daemon of
the kde session. You have to log out and in kde again, there is no
other mean.

if you report this, *please* do it on bugs.kde.org instead of the BTS,
and then optionnaly open a bug that states the bug from kde.org you are
linking to.

this is obviously an upstream bug, and our BTS is already full of bugs
we don't have time to handle. If you do that simple step, you save us a
lot of trouble, and have more chances to see it fixed
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