KPPP Says that "The modem does not respond" if I use
it first to attempt a dial up connection. However, it
I use wvdial or pon first to connect, then disconnect
and try KPPP again, it then connects and will continue
to do so until I reboot. KPPP works correctly with my
woody-bf2.4 and 2.6.8 kernels on same HD, (except that
the pppd fails ofter requiring a reconnect) but only
as above for the 2.6.15 kernel. I have gcc-4.02-2
installed as necessary to get my Diamond MM winmoden
to work with the new kernel. I don't know if this is a
kernel issue or a kde issue. KDE programs tend to
crash(Sig 11) on KDE start and when I call up from the
menu. I'm running testing, not a do everything by
myself user, and would welcome any suggesions to fix
this issue. Glad to send any other information
requested. Thanks.

PS-not subscribed-plz copy my email.

Leonard Chatagnier

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