On Wednesday 01 February 2006 14:51, Žáček Kryštof wrote:
> Good work but...
> Don't take me wrong - I am a big fan of Koffice. But this version can
> hardly be called a betaversion:
> KWord:
> - normally typed text is scrambled will red-blue vertical lines. It made no
> sense to proceed any further with testing.

It's already fixed in the version that I'm about to upload (it only happens
with --enable-final, so it wasn't present in previous tests).

I'm waiting to upload for a fix for kpresenter (just now it segfaults on

> Krita: I am putting high hopes in Krita and specially the CMYK thing.
> However, most filters operate only in 8-bit RGB, simple Gaussian blur sent
> the program to hell, many arbitrary filters crashed the program or caused
> nonsense results.

Well, report bugs and help the developers