I have a Debian Sid and I have a problem when i receive a mail with an
attachment. I would like to open video files with mplayer and *.doc,
*.xls, *.pps with openoffice when I use Konqueror. When I download a file
and I use Konqueror as a file manager, a click on a *.pps start
openoffice impress and open the file, the same for a video file with
mplayer. But when the file is attached with a mail and I want to see it
whitout downloading it, it doesn't work. The following happens:
- with openoffice, I have to choose the program to open the file in a
list, then the program starts and it opens a file with:
An error has occured.
- with a video file I get a window from which I can choose "open",
then another with which I can choose "open with Mplayer" then nothing

I think the file associations are right. Under the line command I have:
- for Openoffice: ooffice -impress %U (for Impress)
- for mplayer: mplayer

I have no Idea what's wrong. Do I need to install a plugin or to
change something in Konqueror ?



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