>>Cedric Macquat skrev:
>>Hello, I have installed Debian Sid on my computer and I have KDE 3.4.2.
>>I have the following problems with Konqueror and Amarok: - when I use
>>Konqueror some characters doesn't display properly. Instead of a
>>character I become an empty box. An example is http://en.wikipedia.org.
>>On that website the characters for languages japanese, korean an
>>georgian for example doesn't display properly. I think it has something
>>to do with fonts, but I don't know which font I have to install and

>what >I have to configure.

>I just install these two packages:


> Restart X and it should just work.

> Anders

Thank you for your help. I also installed those two packages but it
didn't work for all languages. After I have installed others packages it
looks pretty good on http://en.wikipedia.org except for georgian. Does
anybody have an idea what I have to install in order that georgian
display properly?



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