This is what I did,

In /etc/apt/sources.list I changed "testing" to "sarge" and did apt-get

Evrything was okay until one day KDE did "sort of " crashed. The files and
folders appeared as "unknown type" yet in the text mode everything was okay
and all the files were what they were suppose to be.

So I went back to sources.list and changes and changed back "sarge" to
"testing" and did a

apt-get update

followed by

apt-get -u -o APT::LoopBreak=true upgrade

Now when I run the KDE from KDM it starts and freezes on 85% uploading
manager and then disappears leave the desktop with the background image and

I tried to change .kde to .kde-old in the home directory and again nothing.

Any idea how can I solve this problem

Many thank
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