Hi all,

A strange annoyance: during KDE sessions (3.3.2, testing), I find that various
KDE programs begin to load slower and slower, till they won't start at all.
It usually begins with kwrite being unlaunchable from a root konqueror, then
spreads to other programs and services, for example the print manager, until
at last even konqueror will not start. It doesn't seem to affect non-KDE

The initial error messages say "kdeinit could not launch [program]".

At first restarting X fixes it; then not; eventually X will not restart,
complaining about DCOPserver and/or ICEauthority; I must then either reboot
or, if that doesn't fix it, log in to a console and remove ~.DCOPserver* and
sometimes ~.ICEauthority as well.

I have noticed that the permissions on these files are sometimes wrong.

I have seen similar problems posted before, but have not found a permanent
solution yet.

Does anyone know what causes this and how to prevent it?


John O'Hagan

P.S. Please CC me.

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