I'm testing last Knoppix (4.0.2) which uses Kde 3.4.1-1 (I think from
Alioth repository)

dpkg -l | grep kde-18n returns me packages for:

de, es, fr, it, ja, nl, pl, ru, tr

But kcontrol can't see: fr, it, ru, nl in Country/Region selection

Does someone have ever had this problem ?

Nb: I've tested to uninstall kde-i18n-fr and reinstall it from testing
repository, It works although I had some error messages with some folder
seen not empty, but the version installed is from kde-3.3.2-2, using
unstable repository (always with Alioth in sources.list) apt returns me
that kde-i18n-fr depends kdelibs4c2-1.


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