I have an AMD-64 system with Debian unstable, KDE 3.4.2, upgraded from the
Alioth 3.4.1 packages and the standard for unstable AMD-64 before that.

Kernel is stock 2.6.12-1-amd64-generic

I've been trying to make my usb sticks appear on the desktop when inserted and
have been following that thread with interest. However if I use the sidebar
to try to look at devices I get "protocol devices not supported"

And if I use the kde control centre > kde components > service manager tab, I
get an error box with "Unable to contact KDED" and the window appears with
all the options grayed out and "Not running" as the last column.

Googling suggests that if I were to add a new user that user would be
unaffected by this (kded runs normally then) which suggests that there's a
problem with the upgrade process and my .kde directory in /home/angus.. I can
live without usb sticks but it also affects cookies in Konqueror, which are
needed if I wish to shop online.

Any comments or suggestions about how to proceed; I suspect this issue
underlies some of the other odd issues raised recently?


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