does anyone know a good KDE ISDN configuration tool?

I used RedHat's isdn-config that Klaus Knopper packaged for Debian in
order to include it in Knoppix. (It has been replaced my something else
in the meanwhile.)

Well and now it has been removed of course.

I used a binary package repackaged directly from an older Knoppix CD. For
my Linux User article about it I tried hard to compile it out of the
source, but I did not manage to do it due to lots of different problems.

Do you happen to know any other KDE based ISDN configuration tool? Since I
now mostly use ADSL it doesn't matter that much but I always found it
quite convenient to have a nice front end that hides the fact that one
needs to edit 3 or 4 files for configuring one internet provider for

I also think that KPPP should work whith a CAPI enabled driver that can
use pppd directly instead of ipppd.

I have a AVM A1 PCMCIA Fritzcard. To my latest knowledge (quite old
already) there is no MISDN (modular ISDN) driver for it. So I would have
to use some proprietary driver from AVM. I tried this before, but I never
got it to work properly.

Well when there is GUI frontend for ISDN (well GNOME might have one I
heard;-), I will edit those isdn4linux config files again.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de

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