I remember having a similar problem some time ago: On start, KDE would freeze
in the initializing screen. I am not shure about the background with mouse
pointer and the .xsession-errors file, though.

However, I solved this problem by removing some leftover KDE session file. I
am not sure which file it really was, but as it is a fresh install, just
remove the .kde subdirectory in your home directory. You could also try
starting KDE as another user, as these files are stored in the home

Hope this helps!

Regards Clemens

>3. After I enter my login and password, the splash screen appears.
>4. Splash screen stays at the "Initializing system services" stage for
>about 2 min and then (without passing the rest) I see the background
>with a mouse pointer. That's it.
>5. After killing the X with Ctrl+Alt+Bsp the .xsession-errors file reads:

Clemens Bergmann
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