--- Silvan wrote:

> On Wednesday 17 August 2005 01:48 pm, Edward Dunagin wrote:
> > wquld someone please point me to an explanation of what files and

> how
> > xwindows starts and selects the desktop and windows manager.
> >
> > in know it used to be in startx, but all that has changed.

> It has? I'm using startx instead of KDM currently for various
> complicated
> reasons. It works fine.
> I've seen it not work in the past, though. I think what I did in
> that case
> was
> xinit /usr/bin/startkde

> I seem to recall having to do that for awhile, the last time KDM was
> broken.

i'll give that a whorl...looking at the file seems to tell me what i
wanted to know

thanks and Peace..............ed

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