In order to properly arrange my office tasks, i have found useful to add
several special users on my workstation, sharing the same group with the
real user.
This solution allows folder and document management to be performed by
the special users, using their customized applications (the lyx editor,
keeping track of my last opened documents; etc), their workplace being
set on distinct desktops.
I would like to know about different solutions that one may devise to
get the same result.

Anyway, not everything ok yet. Accessing to folder is through rsh
session invoking konqueror. However the rsh konqueror windows set up
is completely lost by the real user session, when logging out.
My question: is it possible to inform kde to add the rsh, while saving
the current session?

I have tried to to save the konqueror set up from within the rsh, by
entering the command:
dcop ksmserver default saveCurrentSession
from within the konqueror terminal emulator, resulting:
call failed

Your help is welcome
(i am using kde 3.4 with debian/unstable)

thank you


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