What is with all the cryptic help for such a simple request?

If you visit the Reference off of Aim: http://www.aim.com

redirects to: http://www.aim.com/get_aim/linux/latest_linux.adp?aolp=

>From the Debian 3+


Drop the JSP reroute session id.

http://ftp.newaol.com/aimgen/380469/...286-2_i386.deb (This is
what you want).

Assumption: Downloading to home folder:

/home/yourHomeAccountName$ wget
http://ftp.newaol.com/aimgen/380469/...286-2_i386.deb (packageLink)

$sudo dpkg -i aim_1.5.286-2_i386.deb (packageName)[If you get issues on
sudo make sure you are added correctly to sudoers in /etc/sudoers]

Dependencies via dpkg will flag which additional packages you will need
to install, if any.

So let's review:

Step 1: $ wget
Step 2: $ sudo dpkg -i
Step 3: browse debian menu for Networking and select AIM to launch it.
Enjoy your AIM experience.

- Marc

Marc J. Driftmeyer
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