On Wednesday 03 August 2005 12:30 pm, Richard Wegner wrote:
> I did that and that is how I got into the situation I was in. I tried to

You're right....using that javascript link is corrupting the
download...however, you can still get it, via good 'ole FTP. Here's how, with
FTP commands in single quotation marks:

logon to the AOL ftp server-

'ftp ftp.newaol.com'

You'll be asked fror a login and pass....use "anonymous", and "pass"

After you're logged in, change to the directory where your file is located-

'cd ./aimgen/380469/'

Download the file-

'get aim-1.5.234-1.i386.deb'

After that, you should get a message that binary transfer is in progress, and
you'll be notified when the download is complete. It'll go to your default
directory. Then just leave the FTP server with-


and change to your default directory and run-

'dpkg -i aim-1.5.234-1.i386.deb'.

That should be it. If you're lacking any of the needed libraries, it'll list
them, and you can just apt-get them.

BTW, you could also just use the . tar.gz file they provide...it's a compiled
binary file, ready to run. Just unpack it. And it works from the javascript
link....no corruption.


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