Am Fri, 17 Jun 2005 00:00:26 +0200 schrieb Sebastien Bacher:

[x-posting to debian-kde for more opinions]

> Le jeudi 16 juin 2005 à 11:15 +0200, Johannes Rohr a écrit :
>> Kview, Ksnapshot, Kruler, KColorChooser and the like. Those which
>> duplicate GNOME functionality should definitely be excluded from the
>> GNOME menu (they will still be accessible from the Debian menu) There is
>> no need to link both Synaptic /and/ Kpackage or Kuser /and/ users-admin.

> Hi,
> These entries should be declared as KDE specific, as described by the
> specification:

Thanks for that link! So, technically it is no problem. Just the tricky
bit is to decide which apps are valid candidates to be excluded from the
KDE/GNOME menus. With basic utilities its simple. gdict, gfloppy, gedit,
gcalctool, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-terminal all have their KDE
equivalents and vice versa. But if you take gnome-system-tools: KDE also
offers some system utilities, but with not exactly the same functionality.
Should, for the sake of avoiding bloat, g-s-t be hidden from the KDE menu?
Personally I'd say yes, but I also think there should be a discussion and
finally a policy on this.

Should kaffeine be hidden from the GNOME menu and totem from the KDE
one? How likely is it that a KDE user will e.g. prefer totem over a KDE
based xine frontend like kaffeine, which is not yet as stable as totem?
What about synaptic? What about the myriads of little tools in KDE which
hardly anyone needs but which do NOT have a GNOME equivalent?




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