Just one more thing: I was satisfied with KDE 3.2.x. Of course it was slower a bit and had a few minor bugs, but the new versions (3.3.x and probably higher - unfortunately don't have tried 3.4 yet) produce some really weird things, like for example those ones with kmenuedit and kmail.

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In previous versions (KDE 3.2 series) it was possible to use more than one account in Kmail just fine, but since KDE 3.3 it mess up the different accounts, profiles, etc., so you won't be able to use more then one account successfully. At least I wasn't able to do that on any system with KDE 3.3.X. It looks like KDE 3.4 has the same problem.

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Hi all!

I've 2 questions to which I haven't found a solution yet. First of all, is there a KPDF plugin
for web browsers ? I really like the KPDF in KDE 3.4 but I'm still using acrobat for internet
usage (and I don't like that I keep a program only for this usage - I'd really like to use only

Second question concerns KMail. The thing that I like about Outlook Express is that when
you have more than 1 e-mail account and you write an e-mail you can choose from which
account you'd like to send the message. In KMail so far I always just switch the default
account which is a bit tedious.... So is it possible in KMail to do the mentioned switching?

Thanks for you help!
Mateusz Linda