On Thursday 09 June 2005 02:53 pm, Mateusz Linda wrote:
> Hi all!
> I've 2 questions to which I haven't found a solution yet. First of all, is
> there a KPDF plugin for web browsers ? I really like the KPDF in KDE 3.4
> but I'm still using acrobat for internet usage (and I don't like that I
> keep a program only for this usage - I'd really like to use only KPDF).

For me, Konqueror uses KPDF by default (3.4.1 from alioth, fresh install). I
don't use another browser.

> Second question concerns KMail. The thing that I like about Outlook Express
> is that when you have more than 1 e-mail account and you write an e-mail
> you can choose from which account you'd like to send the message. In KMail
> so far I always just switch the default account which is a bit tedious....
> So is it possible in KMail to do the mentioned switching?

For me, Kmail by default has an Identity dropdown as the first item under the
toolbars that allows me to choose. Again, 3.4.1 from alioth, fresh install,
but I know I've been using this feature forever because, as you know, it

What versions / package source are you using?


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