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On Wed, 8 Jun 2005 20:09, Carlos Júnior ..::.. Boa Noite BH wrote:
> Hi, somebody know haw to configure my KDM to leave-me logon using the
> root? No, i'm not stupid to keep with root session, but sumetimes it
> is best for me (sorry by my english).

Searching The Fine Archives at using
the keywords kdm and root reveals an answer less than two months old:

Read the whole thread, as it explains not only how to do it, but also
why you shouldn't.

n.b.: there is NO reason for ever needing to log in as root, not even
temporarily. There are many convenient ways to run programs as root if
needed. For example, you can run graphical programs using the Run
Command option from the K menu (press the Option button in the
resulting dialogue box to show the relevant options).

As for your English, there are plenty of good spellchecking tools
available for Debian. While they won't make poor English perfect, there
is no reason not to use one. Debian also has a general mailing list for
discussions in Portuguese, if you feel more comfortable with that:

I hope that helps.

Alex Nordstrom
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