in the future we want to keep sarge as main system as long as possible, but
to also have recent software. So we are just trying to use a second sid
chroot environment.
For me this so far works well, but when I showed a group member this new
stuff, his kde somehow got completely confused and opened all applications
from the taskbar directly in the sid-chroot.
Well, we run on his system 'dchroot -d' and then opened a kde-application in
this chroot environment.
Now I killed all bash's, kdeinits, etc. and umounted the sid-chroot, with
the result, that nothing can be opened from the taskbar, some message like
'klauncher could not open kdeinit' or similar appears.

Somehow I guess there is a connection to all the links in .kde and maybe
also some environmental variables, but I don't completely understand what
might have happend. For me I can't reproduce this right now, but there must
be a general problem and I want to prevent something like this in the
We also have bind mounted several directories of our sarge environment to
the chroot environment, including /tmp. Might the links to /tmp and the
same /tmp in both environments confusing kde?

/home on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/home type none (rw,bind)
/worka on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/worka type none (rw,bind)
/tmp on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/tmp type none (rw,bind)
/tmpa on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/tmpa type none (rw,bind)
/dev on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/dev type none (rw,bind)
/var/yp/binding on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/var/yp/binding type none (rw,bind)
proc on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/proc type proc (rw)
sysfs on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/sys type sysfs (rw)
devpts on /worka/chroot/sid-ia32/dev/pts type devpts (rw)

Anyone here having an idea whats going on?


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