Hello List,

I installed Debian Lenny on my Asus G1 Laptop for java development and I
experience a very slow behaviour on Eclipse using the Sun VM. For
information, I installed Eclipse 3.2.1, the Java Sun Vm 1.5 and 1.6, all
provided by the Debian mirrors.

I already found on the net to change my prefrences of the used java using
the update-alternatives command and I also created a .eclipse/eclipserc file
in my home dir to specify the JAVA_HOME to use.
I saw a difference at first when switching from the default vm (gcj) to the
Sun VM; eclipse with gcj is really awful slow.

But, my question is rather in comparing with the Eclipse behaviour under MS
Windows I use at work. How come that I notice such a great difference
between the same software under Debian and under Windows?
Is there something to configure to make this work better?
I also heared of several alternatives to the Sun VM (if this is the problem)
like BlackDown Java; will my eclipse run faster if I use this one?

I though with such a performant laptop I would have no trouble making
Eclipse and java run, but it seems that neither the quality of the laptop
nor the amount of RAM (2Go) make a difference.

Does someone had the same problems or can somebody tell me from where it
does come from (maybe it's only that the Sun VM is optimized for

Thanks a lot