Got the connection active this morning. Getting the fw files in place
was all it needed. The ipw2200 was in my install. So all was in place
and upon rebooting it showed that I had an active wireless connection.
Then came the process of getting wpa_supplicant up as I run WPA-PSK TKIP
security. I really complicated that as it was one of the modules in the
"etch" install. I heard about supplicant from a local linux user and
had downloaded the tarball for 0.5.7. I proceeded to try to install it
before I finally did some checking and discovered that the preloaded
version was 0.5.5. After removing 0.5.7, shutting down and removing my
network cable, I restarted and the supplicant gui came up asking for my
password. Entered and voila. Connected like a champ.
Did a restart and it loaded in startup asking me for the password once
I'd logged on to the system.
So I'm a happy geriatric camper this afternoon.
Thanks for your replies.


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