I have an old compaq 2880j where etch lives .. kernel is 2.6.18-3-486.
cardmgr returns "no pcmcia driver in /proc/devices". discover nor
lspci show any pcmcia hardware and nothing in /proc/devices for pcmcia
either. I know that this system is really old and legacy support for
old buses could be a problem .. I would like to know if that's it and
I should just give up or if there is something that could/should be
done (well maybe the device itself is 'burnt out' I don't really don't
know, it worked a long time ago on M$). I don't recall the output but
on sarge with 2.4.8-27-386 (I think) and hotplug, the bus was probed
and there were exclude 'this and 'thats .. but I didn't actually use
pcmcia because my wireless and lan cards weren't supported. Now on
2.6.18-3-486 with udev and pcmciautils I get nothing at all.

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