On 1/17/07, Micha wrote:
> Hi Baz, hola Amaya
> > Are you using fam?

> FAM daemon used to keep additional monitor one path back in history from
> the
> actual one, IIRR. (Still valid?) So, for example, moving a filemanager two
> levels
> away from the mountpoint would release it for mountd. Which is ugly.
> As far as i can see, KDE apps runs nearly flawless without FAM, they
> maintain their
> own monitor. Same for gnome-commander.
> However, as an example, the 'file open' dialog of Gimp doesn't get updated
> if you remove a file with konqueror. (It works the other way round of
> course.)
> Maybe it's worth to deinstall fam and look if you are really missing too
> much. (Me not
> m

Micha. Thanks for the inquiry. Another person suggested it might be the
Gnome mount. So I uninstalled it and the problem was fixed.


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