Dear all,


I run Debian GNU/linux unstable on a Dell Inspiron 1100 (Celeron 2GHz, 1GB RAM).
I could not get Japanese input to work in Openoffice, although I can use it in
all other GNOME applications, including an installed version of Sun StarOffice.

I also had the same problem on an AMD64 dual Opteron desktop running Ubuntu 6.06
and on my home machine (P3 800MHz) running GNU/linux Debian unstable.

It has been months since I posted a question about this on d-l. I received
at the time helpful advice similar to that found on the net, but unfortunately
none of the suggestions succeeded in enabling Japanese input in Openoffice.


In the meanwhile I installed GNU/linux Etch i386 on a PIII 550MHz desktop at
work, and lo and behold, after installing UIM/Anthy, adjusting language settings
in OpenOffice, Japanese input worked! So I thought to myself \"damn!\" and went
back to looking at my installations. The first thing I did was try the language
setting changes on my home machine and the Ubuntu - they worked! why had I not
done this before???

So I tried the same on my laptop. No change, nothing. But I noticed the fonts were
different on my laptop installation, not at all like the GTK ones I expected. I had
put it down to, er, OpenOffice defaults (sorry, guys!). But now I did an
\"aptitude search\" and noticed that the critical packages{gnome,gtk,gtk-gnome} were *not* installed!


I immediately installed them, and lo and behold, Openoffice fonts and appearance
took on the usual GTK look, *and* Japanese input worked.


I do not know why the GTK packages were not installed with the usual updates
or when I first installed Openoffice under GNOME a year or so back, but I hope
this is of help to others in such a muddled situation (of not knowing where to
look for the problem).

Best regards,
Gernot Hassenpflug

Gernot Hassenpflug
Find out how something works, to know its functionality and limits

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