> >
>> >> The 2.6.15 & 2.6.17 kernels work well, although 2.6.16 seems to

>> >> the audio to "loop".

> >
> > You might want to have a look at why this is so. It shouldn't be.

Packages to look in to are
> > 1: You audio player. 2: ALSA (or OSS, ESD et cetera.). 3: Xine

(helix et cetera).

seems to loop when any sound is played. desktop sounds (GNOME
environment), music (xmms), video (totem), doesn't matter. with no
changes they work just fine in 2.6.15 & 2.6.17. guess i should look
into it, but since i want to run the latest kernel it's not so important
at the moment.

> > Yes. sl-modem worked, so far as I can tell. I do not have dial-up

here, but all seemed to be nice
> > and working. sl-modem has a mailing list, in case some thing does

not work.

lol, same situation here. have loaded the software but i have no
telephone line. will try it when i take it to a friends house.

> > My lappy has an Atheros AR5212. Madwifi-ng works quite nicely here.

which source are you using for your Madwifi drivers? when i "apt-got"
the madwifi package it still didn't detect the card correctly. not at
the machine right now, so i apologize for not posting the message.

> > I have gotten all to work, save the media buttons on the left

same here, but that's not overly important to me.

> > Toshibas have a wonderful reputation, now a days, for having

over-heating problems.
> > I attest to this.

yes, this thing definitely gets hot if you sit it on your lap to use. i
also notice that the battery life is not real good. possibly i could
change settings and such, but "out of the box" it sucks the power very
quickly. don't think it would make a two hour flight on battery alone
even if i was just doing the most mundane tasks.

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