I've recently bought a Toshiba laptop and quickly format it to install
debian/etch with the netinstall image.
The install worked quite ok with this install command :
install libata.atapi_enabled=1
otherwise the cd/dvd player isn't recognise by the installer.

The network is ok through eth0.
No Wifi yet (I think i need the ipw3945 modules [0])
Video card Radeon Mobility / Xorg / ATI Drivers debian packaged
Sound works.

Well that was piece of information to share with future users tempting
to free Tosh laptop. Here is my problem now.

I still have difficulties to manage power and cpu frequency scaling.

I've tried cpufreq and cpudyn, both failed.
The cpu is a Centrino Duo
Kernels i've tried are 2.16-2-686-smp and even 2.17.13 i've compiled

Should I load modules acpi-cpufreq and speedstep-centrino ?
If so what does mean :
FATAL: Error inserting module_name (/lib/.../2.6.16-2-smp/kernel/...):
no such device
Are these modules not up to date for my hardware ?

Could you tell me where can I look for to test the hibernation sleep
state ? ACPI looks like it run well at start up, but then I can't figure
out how to hibernate the laptop.

I would appreciate useful links like HOW-TO, to learn about acpi and all
that stuff. I really need to _understand_ how to make this laptop
working well with Debian.

I've already browse the Web for 2 days trough linux-laptop and tuxmobile
and so on. I've found no useful information for me to work it out.



[0] http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net/

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