I finally got my wireless network card on this laptop working in linux. After
trying numerous combinations of debian stock kernel image, homegrown kernel
images, updated drivers from ipw2200.sf.net and so on (it hasn't worked for
six months, since I got the laptop), I finally had a breakthrough today.

I simply compiled my own kernel image (latest 2.6.17 from unstable) with the
built in ipw2200 driver compiled as a module. I had the v2.4 firmware which
matches the rather old 1.0.8 driver in the kernel installed in /lib/firmware.
I am using unstable with the network-manager package from there.

After fixing the /etc/network/interfaces file, so it didn't touch the wireless
interface, I rebooted dbus and started knetworkmanager. Everything worked
immidiately, including wpa-psk encryption

I get some strange errors on the console from dbus. But what the h.... It
works. Network-manager is a bit step forward in ease of configuration for


- Debian GNU/Linux - KDE 3.5.4 - KMail 1.9.3 -

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