From: Dr.Natal Mugu

South African Ministerial House Committee

On Contract Awards and Importation

Tel: +27-82-737-4842

Attention: The Managing Director;

Partnership Proposal

Your contact detail was made available to me during my
desperate search for a trusted foreign partner in your
country. I however must render apologies to you for
having contacted you this way unsolicited as this was due
to my urgent need for us to go into this partnership.


My name is Dr. Natal Mugu, Chairman of South African
Ministerial House Committee on Contract Awards and
Importation. I have a very sensitive and confidential
proposal to present to you in which I would ask for your
partnership in re-profiling funds over US$ 9 million
gotten as commission to my committee from a contract
supply project for 20,000 units of computers awarded to
Nari Agencies of India in 2002. I will give the details in
your response, but in summary, the funds are presently
deposited and lying dormant in a private financial
institution. I will also like to inform you that this is a
legitimate transaction, not only because I am a public
figure in my country that would not want to stain my good
image but for the fact that I have the interest of others
at heart and would not get you involved in transaction
that would put you at risk. More also, further arrangement
has been made for a smooth delivery of the transaction as
soon as we can get your earliest confirmation.

You will be compensated with 25 % of the total sum for
your "Management Fees". 65% will be for the 2 members
committee while the remaining 10% will be used to offset
expenses made towards definite actualization of this

Kindly indicate your interest as soon as possible and do
not forget to notify me of your unwillingness to enable me
consult for another partner. Furnish me with your
confidential telephone and fax number for easy access to
communication. Note that further arrangement for a meeting
would be arranged here or else where in Europe, US,
Canada, Africa, Asia or Middle East but first you have to
indicate your interest and capability to enable us

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and understanding
as I look forward to your earliest telephone call.

Best regards,

Dr. Natal Mugu. (+27-82-737-4842).

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