No experience with that make/model, but it's quite possible it's
soldered directly onto the motherboard. If not, it snaps into a holder
on the motherboard. Look to see if you can remove the keyboard, this may
provide access. Often, the keyboard either clips in along the edges,
and/or has screws that hold it on accessed from the bottom of the
laptop. Undo a srcew on the back, and see how long it is. If it's short,
put it back in, and try another. The long ones often hold on the


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> From: Jim Woodward []
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> Subject: trogon green735
> I have a trogon green735 laptop and the system battery (2032)
> is going bad.
> Does anyone know how to find it. I have never worked on a
> laptop, but have
> built 100s of normal (case) computers.
> Many thanks,
> Jim
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