This is my first posting to the list so apologies in advance if this has
already been asked.

I have been a linux user for 4 years now and have tried all the major
distros at some point (Mandrake, Red Hat, Fedora, SuSe, etc). I recently
decided I was ready to move onto the supposedly more difficult to
install Debian. My first install of Sarge went painlessly and worked
beautifully straight away. Everything was detected pretty well, and
apart from a few tweaks to my XFree86-config file to get the synaptics
touchpad working to my liking I had nothing difficult or arcane to do.

I was happy like this for a while and was loving everything about
Debian. Then I began to get adventurous. I wanted to see what I was
missing with Debian Sid. I liked the idea of more up to date software
and a more current development environment to play with.

Using a Sarge net-install disc I set about the install process again and
using the expert options I selected the unstable sources. After flying
through all of the initial setup tasksel choked on the desktop
environment task. It would complain incessantly about unmet dependencies
with the Openoffice.org-kde package. Not a problem, I simply did
"apt-get install gnome openoffice.org kde" and off it went. Everything
installed perfectly and after installing a few other bits and bobs,
(xserver-xorg etc) I was into a perfect desktop environment. Everything
was lovely and I was very happy. The laptop's monitor worked
beautifully, Syanptics touchpad was working perfectly, and my Wireless
connection was up and running.

The problem started after a reboot. When the laptop rebooted the
Wireless card powered on but wouldn't connect. Once logged in I had to
manually do "ifup eth1" as root to get connected. Not a huge deal, but
annoying enough if you have to do it after every reboot!

I searched through google looking for an answer but couldn't find
anything specific enough. My suspicion is that it has something to do
with udev, since the card worked flawlessly under Sarge. I have tried
removing the pcmcia-cs package after seeing something on google about
this package being obsolete in conjunction with udev, but that just
killed the card all together. Can anyone advise me what I have done
wrong? I am at a loss as to how the new udev replaces hotplug, or how it
interacts with the hardware. Is there a straight forward fix available?

My hardware is as follows:

HP Pavilion ZT1125 Laptop + Enterasys Roamabout (Re-badged Orinoco Gold)
PCMCIA Wireless Card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and apologies for the long winded

James Caldow

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