I have an interesting problem, but I'm hitting a dead end on solving this one.

I have had debian sarge on my laptop for a while now, and use a custom
compiled kernel from www.kernel.org (not the debian patched kernel).
Up through kernels 2.6.12.x, my screen and lid switch worked great.
If I press the switch, the screen goes black, then when I release it,
the screen immediately comes back, 100% perfect.

Now, getting into any 2.6.13.x or 2.6.14 kernels, if I press the lid
switch, the screen goes black. When I release the switch, the screen
comes back, 100% perfect, but then, a second later, the screen goes
black for a second, then comes back, and everything is shifted down
1/2 inch. In other words, I have a 1/2 inch bar of garbage at the top
of my screen, and the bottom 1/2 inch of my display is off the screen.
This only happens in X. If I switch to any console, then back to X,
my screen is normal again.

My first thought was that I did something wrong when configuring my
kernel. So I tried a couple times, still no luck. Then I copied my
..config file from my kernel (works great) and compiled a
2.6.14 kernel using that. The screen and lid switch still act goofy.
However, at anytime, going back to my kernel, everything
works normally.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or know of any ideas of where to
start looking? Other than the obvious of systematically going through
the kernel and disable/enabling things one-by-one until I hit it?

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