Hi folks,

so, I'm getting there with my "new" ibm thinkpad 600E; x works, gnome
runs, openoffice runs...

I upgraded to the 2.6.12 kernel b/c the nonfree module for my wireless
card won't compile against 2.4.27; and anyway I like udev, etc. But
apparently the stock debian unstable kernel (2.6.12-something) has no
power management modules! so I have to compile my own, which leaves

- my laptop supports apm perfectly, but for acpi apparently I need a
newer version of the the ibm-acpi package than is currently available.
So for now I will stick with apm, but I'm wondering what benefits
there are to moving to acpi when (if) the newer module version moves
into the main kernel tree?

- I'm also interested in using software-suspend2, which I guess
patches into the 2.6.12 kernel tree if you use the experimental
kernel-patch packages. Anyone usei t and love/hate it? Does it
conflict or in any way interact with acpi, apm, etc? Any special
precautions I needto take b4/after compiling the kernel?

Anyway, gotta get my kids to school, but thx kforthe help,


.''`. Matt Price
: :' : Debian User
`. `'` & hemi-geek
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