leszek wrote:

> I am using IBM Thinkpad R50e and it's fine except
> external monitor.

Rodolfo wrote:

> I'm looking for a DVD recorder inside the laptop,
> and maybe there are new models of the IBM Thinkpad R50e
> with this feature.
> If yours has it too, please could you report the exact
> model: "IBM Thinkpad R50e... something?".
> (Do you maybe know if it supports Mandrake 10.1 also?)

leszek wrote:

> I know nothing about Mandrake, sorry.
> But:
> -- I have DVD recorder (sometimes it doesn't work and I have to clean
> head or shake it)
> -- cameras Canon A70, A75, S70 work perfectly
> -- scanner Plustek OpticSlim works fine too
> My model is:
> IBM Thinkpad R50e
> Type 1843-J9G
> Debian Sarge 3.1, kernel 2.6

In a shop I found:

1) IBM Thinkpad R50E, ibm code: UR0S9IT,
model: 1834-S9G, price: 1,400.00 euro;
2) IBM Thinkpad R50E, ibm code:UR0J9IT,
price: 1,200.00 euro,

both with a DVD recorder.
The shopkeeper explained that by now IBM is always
Lenovo, not simply IBM any more.
Debian people out there, what do you think?
Can I trust the cheaper 2)?

Thanks indeed for the help,