I just bought a 1GB Memorex Travelstick and am having difficulty using it.

I'm running testing and everything seems OK at first: I get the
kernel messages telling me that the stick is recognised, gives me the
vendor and suchlike, tells me that SCSI device sda has 2007040 51-12
byte hdwr sectors but then a little later I get sda: READ CAPACITY
failed, sad: status=0, message=00 etc sda: sense not available then a
Buffer I/O error on device sda logical block 0 adn then unable to read
partition table.

And when I try to fdisk /dev/sda I get unable to open.

FWIW usbfs is mounted on /proc/bus/usbfs

On one boot I found the /proc/scsui/usb-storage/1 file with the
details of the device but after another boot that file is no longer

Anyone any ideas? Am I missing something very obvious?
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