Nothing like following up to your own post...

I went back and did try the laptop with windows -- STILL
SLOW. I swapped in an earlier version of
the access point (Netgear MR814). IT WORKS. Upload
and download speeds at 5-6 Mb/sec, possibly limited
by WEP on access point?? Slow CPU?? I don't care. It is
fast enough. Remote X works fine.

Root cause was definitely in the Netgear 814v2
access point. There are reports of flakey behaviour
with this AP on the internet, and I recently updated
the firmware, and did follow netgear's recipe to the
letter (did not erase previous settings). If I had
time I would investigate, but not this week.

Thanks for the forum.

-- Robert Neff

> I've freshly installed Debian Sarge (now stable) on
> a Dell Lattitude CPiR (P-II-400). with a Dell Truemobile
> 1150 802.11b PCMCIA wifi card. This is a rebadged Orinoco Card.
> The base station is a Netgear MR814V2 with updated firmware.
> I apt-get'ed up to the 2.6 kernel.
> I get really slow performance with the wifi network.
> Downloading off the web is ~ 150 kbits/sec, and network
> behaviour is so slow that running remote X applications
> from other machines on my home network is really painful,
> with glacial updates.
> iwconfig indicates normal behaviour. Curiously, I have been
> unable to change the channel on my card.
> Then I can hot-swap to a wired Linksys 10/100Mb card, and
> everything is normal. Speed is what would be expected, and
> remote X is no problem.
> I've tried turning off WEP, but observe no difference.
> This is with a static network assignment.
> I had some earlier problems with nameservers when I was
> hotplugging, I think the resolvconf package cleared that
> up. I have no problems with making connections, but
> making connections quickly and download data rate
> are poor.
> In a previous incarnation, this wifi card worked fine on
> this laptop with Mandrake Linux (9.1). I assume if I
> dual boot over to windows 98 it will be fine as well.
> I'd be interested in hearing of others' experiences on this
> kernel with orinoco cards, or suggestions for other easily
> available models that are well supported.
> It looks like hotplug loads orinoco, orinoco_cs, and hermes
> modules when the card is plugged in.
> At somepoint I downloaded kismet, but I never set it up.
> Could that be implicated somehow?
> Thanks
> -- Robert Neff
> robert at neffs dot net
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